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Fire Sword
Fire sword
Vital statistics
Type Fire Weapons
Effects Pain
Source Weapon stores
Location Stores in Eastshield and Pengolia.
Cost to buy 1000 pebbles
Cost to sell 700 pebbles

Fire Swords are weapons that cause more pain than Knicicles. They are distributed in Eastshield and Pengolia. They are banned in Dorkugal.


One day, someone got sick of just having Knicicles as a melee weapon and felt like making a fiery sword. He took the project to G, who invented a fire sword. How it worked was you put highly flammable Ditto A down the hilt, a fan would blow it up a steel rod and out of the top, and a match would keep the ditto burning for a while, and as long as more ditto was supplied, it would not burn out. It would be a nasty weapon, being able to spread fire around. However, G did not appreciate how this weapon worked, so he raised the price to very high. Darktan's minions use these also, and they are good weapons. Even after it burns out, it is still a formidable weapon because the metal id very hot. Some scientists did an experiment on how fire swords counteract with Knicicles. They turned out to melt Knicicles when counteracted so many penguins started to protect their Knicicles after finding out that they have a weakness. Fire swords are fairly popular, but some penguins dislike the heat. G refused to comment. One problem with owning one is that you must have a large supply of Ditto A, which is unstable.


Other data[]

Flywish however, decided to wield both of them. He then decided to get his son into the Weapon Slash Society where you can stick a weapon into the ground and then make a huge explosion with all of the creatures who were gifted with these attacks. Flywish II got the hang of it and joined WSS.


  1. You scream a little
  2. You get burnt.
  3. Someone has to throw water on you.


  • Water, this creates a large amount of steam and puts out the sword.
  • It's other weakness is if it burns out.
  • It also has a weakness against Fruit Blasters as they clog up the hole from which the ditto exits.


  • If a fire sword burns out, It can be reignited.
  • Flywish has hurt many of his enemies with them.
  • If they counteract together, flames often shoot up into the sky which is a sign of standing back.
  • Darktan also uses them to hurt enemies
  • WishFlyX loves them and wishes to have one.
  • Zaplock is very scared of them for some reason.
  • Raven pretends to swallow them to make Chicks laugh.
  • They are used by ninjas.
  • The Safety Team is keeping others safe from them (as usual).

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