Club Penguin Fan Universe

Cician, or Fire is a Super Penguin with fire maniulation.


Note: During background, fire is Cician

Cician was hatched to two loving parents. Cician wasnt always a "happy penguin" as you would say, he prefered to be alone. When Cician was ten, he literlly, filled with fire, AKA, he shot fire out of his flipper into the ground! Shocked, Cician became Fire and dedecated his life to crime fighting.

Fire spent four years out in Antartica, fighting villains. He longed for a sidekick and a friend. As most people called him a "freak" after he fights a villain. Fire met a young boy named Lava, a poor, injured boy, with a gift for controlling and making lava. Fire pitied this boy, he helped him up, treteated his wounds. And took him on as a sidekick.

Evenetully, Fire got a arch enemey, Gensis, the two isnantly hated eachtogher. Lava also hated Gensis's apprentice, Water. The four fought insantly, after a long, 40 minute battle, all four had to run away.

Fire and Lava continued there quest to stop all villains, which will not happen. But they can try, right? Later in life, Fire became more serious like. Putting the safety fo others before his. Taking the enemey down at any cost.

Nowadays, he and Lava can be found around Antartica, fighting the forces of evil. Fire is a force to trifel with.


  • Fire flast-Shoots a ball of fire out of his flipper-Done at will
  • Lava Blast-Shoots ball of lava out of his flipper-Extremly rare, only when hes furious
  • Lava Rour-Shoots lava out of his beak-Extremly rare, only when Furious
  • Fire Rour-Shoots fire out of beak-Uncommon
  • Slam Storm-Fire consumes Fire and explodes as Fire's body reforms, sending out a thin explosion of fire-Rare


  • Fire never awnsers to Cician anymore.
  • He is one of Corai's friends.
  • His egg had a flame that wouldn't go out on top
  • If he gets mad enough, he can literlly Breath fire and Throw Lava at you. Literlly, he has those powers.
  • He despises and likes Raven.
  • He is easily fooled by a chick, he also belives Xet is a normal penguin.
  • He helped Gary the Gaget Dude's Army fight Darktan II,with his fireball,lava,and breathing fire attacks. He failed though.


Not much is known of Fire's family, its comfirmed that any blood-born member has a weak power of fire, but Fire had extreme control of fire and lava, for some unkown reason. The only family member of Fire comfirmed is Kensy, his villinous Big Brother.