Club Penguin Fan Universe


May 24[]

OK. My name is Akbaboy Penguin Finopen. I have a country called Finestade Land. Life is hard and this journal will be used to save the hard parts of my life and how my day was. I will pass this on to each new Finopen so I can't just name it Akbaboy's Journal but I can name it Finopen Journal. This is just an introduction so I won't write anything else really. But I hope you can read it soon as paperback copies of this hard cover journal coated in old paint are on sale. Good-bye.

Written in Finestadian English with ink, translated by a Finestadian author.

May 25[]

What a day. In the morning, my servant accidentally played the polka music too long and I was dizzy for a few hours. Polka music is the only way to get me, the sleepyhead of the country, to get up. I ate breakfast normally. Nothing strange. I took my superior doohickey. I slashed a hole into the brick wall and fell into the palace bathroom, accessed via elevator 1 and 5 going to the basement. I spent all morning trying to unlock the door. The door finally broke and opened. Guess the door will get repaired tomorrow. I spent all afternoon hanging out with GGD, scolding Jewel and Pancake, and falling into random holes while hearing cheesy mottos. My lesson: never hang out with GGD, bringing along Jewel and Pancake, in Limilia City. Now I about to take a na

Written in Finestadian English with pencil, translated by a Finestadian author.

September 25[]

Yes! Found the book at last. Anyways, today was normal other than the fact that I found this book on a very special day: the journal's fourth anniversary. But secretly, I wanted to find it on OCTOBER 25, not September. Well, it's late so I better get goin'. See ya.