Club Penguin Fan Universe

You Are What You Eat is mission 1. An unsespected enemy is replacing Club Penguin with food.

  • Meet with G at the FS-Q. He will say, "I wanted to upgrade my spy phone, but it was made from food."
  • Chat with G. Click on the rectangle on the table and ask, "What's this?"
  • "Just a standard gadget I'm working on. You'll recieve it at the end of the mission" replies G.
  • Walk out and to the Dance Club for extra credit. The DJ will say, "My record's been replaced with black and red licorice. Can you get a new one for me?" Say yes.
  • A record will be floating in the ocean. A fisherman will have a fishing pole. Ask him if you can borrow it. He'll say yes. Catch the record and hand it to the DJ. Return the fishing pole to the fisherman.
  • If you go to the Iceberg, you'll see a trail of food. Click on it. You will step on it, then the food will collapse with part of the ice. "I'd better report this to G" you said.
  • Talk to G about it. He will say that he had some diving gear, but it scattered around.
  • He'll say that you have to find the gear in 60 seconds. This is level 1.
  • When you do, G will let you have it. Go to the Iceberg and dive for level 2.
  • Level 2 is swimming through waters with many obstacles. When you win, you get up on an island and get an eel costume.
  • A shadow will walk by. You will say, "What was that?"
  • Follow the shadow. Soon, you will get caught in a net. The figure will untie you. This is where level 3 starts.
  • Level 3 is following the figure while avoiding the traps. To win, you'll have to guide the figure into the trap. You get a net hat. A dark green penguin wearing a weird-shaped apron will be caught in whatever trap you lead him into. He will drop a weird looking device.
  • Go back to FS-Q. If you click on G, he will drop. He is made out of food!
  • The final level is finding the real Gary. You get a Gary costume when you win.
  • Show the device to G. He will say it's a silverware gadget, then introduce you to the Gadgeteer.
  • Snap the device into the Gadgeteer. You completed the mission!
  • Award: Dining Set Medal
  • Extra Award: Headphones

New Gadgets:

  • Silverware
  • Gadgeteer


  • Scuba Where
  • Dive and Splash
  • Trap Catch
  • Where's Gary?