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Farleyan Airlines
Vital statistics
Name Farleyan Airlines
Native name
IATA code {{{iata}}}
ICAO code {{{icao}}}
Founded January 2,2004
Commenced operations June 8,2004
Ceased operations
Hubs Tharntonville-Thadeus B. Menrow Airport
Secondary hubs
Focus cities Blizzardville International Airport
Frequent flyer program IciclePoints
Airline lounge FarleyanLounge
Airline alliance SkyAlliance
Fleet 26
Destinations 27
Company slogan You can't beat that!
Parent company Farleyan Air Company
Headquarters 56 Hamilton Street, Jacko Bay, Silver Island

Farleyan Airlines is the national airline of Farleya. It has its hub at Tharntonville Menrow Airport.


Farleyan Airlines was first created as a government owned airline,in 2004. The airline, at thattime only had charter operations from Tharntonville Airport, until it's privatization in 2007. The airline's first flight was a route from Tharntonville to South Pole City, in a McDannell Douzas DC-10, a retired aircraft from MammothAir. The airline soon started service to and from cities across the continent. The airline first operated MD-88s and DC-10s as charter service. Both the DC-10 and the MD-88 were retired in October of 2007, following an order of Snowing 767-300ER nad the 737-800 as well. The airline has many domestic and international destinations. The airline opened it's first hub in Tharntonville Airport, and a small focus city in South Pole City.


  • Pontrier JRC700 (10) (Domestic ultra short/short haul)
  • Snowing 737-800 (8)(Domestic short-medium haul)
  • Airhail A340-500 (8) (International medium/long haul)

Cargo Fleet[]

  • Airhail A319-500 (9)
  • Airhail A320-500 (9)



FarleyanPremium is available on international flights only, FarleyanPremium has seats made from geunine leather, and with PTVs from iQubo Entertainment and Audio by XM Satellite Radio. The seats can also retract to 180°, converting to a small bed. There are also free beverage, snack, and meal services, as well as Coffee and Tea. There are also free pillows and blankets and access to the PremiumClub.Passengers also receive special security screening, pre-flight meals and snacks, as well as access to the Premium Club.

Economy Class[]

Economy Class is available on all flights operated by Farleyan Airlines. The seats are made from geunine leather and have PTVs by iQubo Entertainment and Audio by XM Satellite Radio. There are free snacks, drinks and meals as well. There are also free pillows and blankets on international flights. Unlike FarleyanPremium, they do not have access to the PremiumClub.

Incidents and Accidents[]

  • On June 12, 2009, Farleyan Airlines Flight 129 was taxiing from Gate 35-B at South Pole City-Metropolitan International Airport, with a destination of Tharntonville. A larger, Airhail A380, registered NW34ZC, and operated by Air Antarctic, chipped the rudder off the Snowing 777-200ER aircraft. Thankfully, both aircraft and it's passengers and crew were unharmed, but the Farleyan aircraft was taken out of service temporarily, to fix the broken rudder.