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FancyPants Newspaper
File:FancyPants image.png
A typical scanned picture of the newspaper
Vital statistics
Type Newspaper
Effects Help the penguin to find out what is it
Source Reading Material
Location Sherby Hoodwounds
Cost to buy 150 coins
Cost to sell 120 coins

FancyPants Newspaper is the island newspaper of Sherby Hoodwounds, and the second most-ordered newspaper in MAI, before The Margate Times.


FancyPants was created by Cospe Alexkan Devote, a famous penguin who edited the CP Times, in 2007. The company started selling papers 300,000 copies a day. In early 2008, they decided to increase the amount of papers. In a report, Devote said "may suspect merger soon". The merger never came about. In 2009, Laua Auza was hired to work as a columnist.


  • FancyPants has 70 pages unlike CP Times.
  • The Aunt Artic Section in FancyPants is the Uncle Antartica, or sometimes Uncle Devote.

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