Club Penguin Fan Universe

Fanon Characters Thanksgiving Special! is the wiki's first Thanksgiving special including most of the Fanon characters!

Chapter One[]

It was Tails turn to get a turkey, and the only turkeys in the world known to penguins were on top of Michigan Mountain (named by coinsedence). Maddieworld was coming with him.

Maddie:So like, where is this mountain?

Tails:Not sure. It's somewhere in Zurich, I think.

They saw the moutain right when they were entering the gate of Zurich.

It took hours to waddle through Zurich, and it took the rest of the day to climb the mountain.!!!!

Tails:Tell me about it. Hey. There's the top!

They climbed up through the clouds and almost got hit by a rockslide. They got there after three days. And they saw TURKEYS!

Turkey:Gobble Gobble (We challenge you to a battle, if you win, you eat us, if you lose, then you come back to where you came)


And the battle began. It was a wrestling match of the centurie. Tails and Maddie ended up ripping both of the turkey's heads off. They carried the dead turkeys back to the cabin for the night.

Chapter Two[]

Tidalwave started cooking the turkeys at 1:00 in the afternoon, while Baby N. and Bellina were playing tag.

Baby N.:I'm gonna get you!

Bellina:No you're not!

Maddie and her husband, Swiss Ninja were watching Tv along with Explorer, Willie Watt, and Misty.

Misty:Oh! This is my favorite part! When Rosalina finds out-

Maddie:YADDIEYAATTAH, we don't need the chicks finding out about this.

Explorer:I'll be right back. I need to go to the bathroom.