Club Penguin Fan Universe

Never's family is listed and put into detail here.


  • Here 9
  • There32
  • Other 12
  • Maybe 10
  • Whenever 16
  • However 7
  • Whoever - Mean Mother of Never, Ever, ect 36
  • Whatever-Mean father of Never, Ever, ect, 56
  • Evermore unknown, believed to be 37
  • Nevermore unknown, believed to be 97
  • Ever 9
  • Never 14
  • Again 4
  • Furthermore - God-Mother of Never, Ever, and the other children. 30
  • Always 14
  • Forever 14

Ancestral Nevers, Evers, and Agains[]

Apparently Ever, Again and, Never are ancestral.


  • Never I
  • Never II
  • Never III
  • Never IV
  • Never V
  • Never VI
  • Never VII


  • Ever I
  • ever II
  • ever III
  • ever IV
  • ever V
  • ever VI
  • ever VII


Coming soon.


Each member has a attitude.


Down and grumpy, Hates himself and thinks he's a complete moron.


Up and mad, always bulling people and being a complete BIG FAT MEANIE!


Up and happy! No ones ever sad around him! Always playing and making friends, nothing dull around this happy chick!


The second youngets, Again's BFF! Not as happy and useally crying. Ever's #3 target!


  • Most members are bullied, Excluding Ever who is a bully.
  • Never is the most famous member of the family.
    • This brings more bullies also.
  • Ever bullies every child in the family, Mainly Again and Never.
  • Ever is the meanets member, she bullys her little brothers and sisters like Mabel wouild! Feeding them mud, wedgies, ect.