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FRRC (Free Republican Rolling Cooperation), is the a company that broadcasts many Free Republic's TV and radio channels. It also broadcasts channels in the rest of Antarctica, such as FRRC Peoshia, FRRC Geece, etc. They also have a channel called FRRC Univerce, which broadcasts everywhere, but in Free Republic English. It was created after the Treaty of Dorkugal, by MAI, Freezeland, Dorkugal and some other Free Republics. It was signed by the leaders of all Free Republics. It began broadcasting after.



After the creation of the company, they launched their two flagship channels, FRRC 1 and FRRC 2. If you have Freesee, you can also watch FRRC 3, FRRC 4, and two childrens channels, CFRRRC and Vatchbeebies. FRRRC 1 is viewable in all Free Republics, and a coolthing about it is that it has regionalised TV service which provides opt-outs throughout the day for local news and other local programming. These variations are pronounced in the FRRRC "Free Republics", ie Freezeland, MAI, Dorkugal. [[FRRCC 2] variations are rare. A [[Freezeland|Freezelandian] channel in Penguininian called FRRC Arda was released. In the UnitedTerra and it's Free Republics, FRRC channels are avalible both cable and digital. FRRC tested a trial version of FRRC HD, a channel avalible in Free Republics. It was a sucess, and soon, all programes will be in HD.

= Radio[]

The FRRC has five major radio channels-

  • Radio 1 (("the best new music and entertainment")
  • Radio 2 (The Free Republic's most listened radio)
  • Radio 3 (Classical and Jazz music)
  • [[FRRC Radio 4|Radio 4] (current affairs, factual, drama and comedy)
  • Radio 5 Live (24 hours news, sports, and talk)

Other radio channels include 5 Live Sports Extra, 1MOAR(for black, urban and gospel music), 6MOAR, FRRC 7 (comedy, drama & children's programming), and FRRC Terrian Network (for news in the UTR and Free Republics, in Arabic, Free Republic English, Terralish, and Mounteese.)



The FRRC produces most of the media for the Free Republic's of the USA. Other places recieve media from the FRRC.


  • The FRRC have been ivolved with many wars, and they often send reporters into the battlezone.