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FG Cave
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A creepy cave that was once used by early penguins.
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A creepy cave that was once used by early penguins.
Vital statistics
Type Ancient cave
Level Too creepy to tell you
Location FG
Inhabitants None

FG Cave is an ancient cave once used by the early penguins of this universe. Only one penguin has gone into the cave in the modern time.


FG Cave was a creepy cave with a short pathway from the start. Penguins in the early time had nowhere to live. That is when they spotted the cave that would change how they lived forever. A penguin stepped in and screamed. A researcher translated that scream as telling everyone to come in. All of them soon started to barge into the cave. They lived there happily with no problem. Less penguins started living there as time went on. No penguins lived there at all after a while. Nobody has stepped in except one brave yet unknown researcher. He took pictures of an ancient writing. No one was able to translate that at all.


Ancient Cave Writing

The ancient cave writing. Researchers don't know exactly what it says but they think it says Life is unfair.

No one has a map of this place.


There aren't any places in the cave.






No one knows.

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