Club Penguin Fan Universe
Hello Mister Magican! YOU ROCK!
Vital statistics
Title Frustrating Annoying Nuisance
Gender Robot
Race Robot
Faction Annoying
Health A lot of glitches
Level Unknown
Status Still operating
Location Somewhere near Midas and Herb
Friends Midas and Herb
Enemies Midas and Herb haters, Speeddasher
Archetype Good

Frustrating Annoying Nusiance or simply F.A.N is an artifical intelligence invented by a scientist on the Space Colony Aircraft. He has OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAND!!! glitches, but for some reason he's still online. He seems to have an interest penguins and wishes to be one. He believes that Midas and Herb magicans and likes to hang out with them in hopes they can make him a real penguin.


F.A.N was invented about 90 years ago by a scientist on the Space Colony Aircraft. He was ment to be a robot that would take orders from penguins and would make their lives a bit easier. Unfortunatley when the robot was put online it was revealed to have quite a lot of glitches. He was very interested in penguins and wished to become one. He would constantly beg the scientist to make him a real penguin, believing they could do so, and soon they got very annoyed at him. It was at this point the robot was given the name F.A.N and he's kept that title ever since. When the aircraft was invaided by Khanzem, F.A.N managed to reach an escape pod and escaped before he could be destroyed. He ended up in Concentrate Camp 13# were he was forced to make orange juice for Khanzem. Eventually when the camp was turned into a school Ronald Fish-Slapper kidnapped the robot and used him as a punching bag. It wasn't until Midas and Herb managed to escape from the school was F.A.N freed. He managed to follow the two from a distance and for the first time in years he saw the sun again. He followed Midas and Herb back home and soon found out that they invented things. He believed that they were magicans and that they could make him a real penguin. He eventually revealed himself to them and the two took pity on the robot. They allowed him to live under their backyard and he's lived there ever since. He's also accompanied them on a few of their adventures and is their self-proclaimed biggest fan.


F.A.N is Midas and Herb's biggest fans and he enjoys following them. In the computer he has built into him he stores information about nearly every one of their adventures. He usually refers to Midas as Mister Magican.


  • He's a parody of Irving from Phineas and Ferb.
  • He's also a double parody of Tingle from The Legend of Zelda series.

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