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Explorer 767 is a small-body, twinjet domestic airliner produced by the Dorkugese Aircraft Company. The aircraft has 100 seats and has a range of 3,500 miles.There has been only one aircraft produced, for the former Zurich Air, and has been retired since then, and is now on display at the National Air and Space Muesuem in South Pole City. The aircraft offered service from Zurich to points in the mainland Antarctic.


Conceptions for the aircraft started in June of 2000, by the Dorkugese Aircraft Company. The aircraft's original name was DAE D790. The aircraft was to provide charter services around the Antarctic Continent. In 2001, the project was completely scrapped due to budget and spending cuts. However, in 2006, Swiss Ninja teamed up with the company, to continue the so-called B7XY project, also known as the D790. Swiss Ninja redeseigned the aircraft and improved fuel consumption and aerodynamics.Final completion of the aircraft was finished at Googolplex International Airport in 2008. The first flight of the aircraft was completed on December 20, 2008 in Dorkugal. In 2009, Zurich Air, who was sole ordered of the aircraft recieved it's only D790 in 2009. In the summer of 2008, however, the aircraft was renamed the Explorer 767, after Explorer 767 himself at a press confrerence in Snowville. The aircraft remained in service with Zurich Air until March 2010, after a fuselage expolsion over South Pole City in December 2009. The aircraft was been repaired and is now on display at the National Air and Space Mueseum in South Pole City.


Currently, there has been only one variant of the aircraft released by the Dorkugese Aircraft Company, which is the Explorer 767-200LR, which has only been produced once.The Explorer 767-200LR was developed from the prototype, the Explorer 767-200.The aircraft currently have seats for 90 passengers as well as a range of 3,500 miles.The variant was released on June 1st, 2008. There has been only ten aircraft of this kind to ever exist. Currently, two are part of a private charters company in Club Penguin City, three are in a fleet of private business jets in Snowville, and the rest are part of the VIP Transport of the USA Government.


General Information[]

Cockpit Crew: Two

Passenger Seating: 80-90 seats

Length: 36.20 meters

Height: 10.22 meters

Empty Weight (kilograms):28,000

Maximum Take-Off Weight (kilograms):51,800

Take-Off Run at MTOW: 6,700 ft.

Powerplants:2x GL CF-32-11E Turbofans

Maximum speed: 890 km/h

Range: 3,509 miles

Service celing: 41,000 ft . Rate of Climb: Max 3,000 ft. per minute

Thrust to Weight: 0.40.0

Fuselage and Main Cabin Cross Section[]

Outer width: 3.01 meters

Inside width: 2.57 meters

Outer height: 3.32 meters

Inside height: 1.96 meters