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For the future selves of these characters, see Explorer 767's Puffles/Future.

This is a list of Explorer 767's puffles and their personalities.


  • Scooter (full name "Scooter Skittle Velocitee")

Scooter is a blue puffle, and boy is he active! Scooter is known for frequent outbursts of hyperactivity (followed by extremely long naps), and he has extremely accurate reflexes. His timing is so good that Clyde made him the percussionist for the Furry Flats.

  • Xavier (full name "Xavier Dudit Chillax", "Dudit" is pronounced "dood-it")

Xavier is a red puffle, and he loves to surf. He is known to have an attitude as cool as a cucumber. Xavier wears sunglasses and usually plays the bass string section in the Furry Flats.

  • Clyde (full name "Clyde Wenellshacker")

Clyde is the weirdest puffle around the block. He enjoys goofing off and playing pranks on everyone. Despite being funny, Clyde is smart for his age. Clyde always wears his trademark propeller hat (like Explorer) and usually plays synth in the Furry Flats. Scooter is his best friend.

Clyde owned

Clyde payed a visit to the Puffle Party in CP... he will soon get revenge on TSP.

  • Mabel (full name "Mabel von Injoface XIX")

Mabel is an infamous, pompous purple puffle. She is quite mean and annoying, and she also has a very nasty temper. She also subsitutes for Explorer in the South Pole Council. There were nineteen other Mabels (OH NO!) scattered throughout history.

  • Zippy (full name "Xipp Tittle Velocitee")

Zippy is Scooter's older sister and is just as athletic as Xavier. She enjoys jumproping and track running.

  • Danny (full name "Daniel Gilbert von Easel")

Danny is a yellow puffle and is very artistic. He is Xavier's best friend and leads band practice for the Furry Flats. He has learned to master the art of sarcasm and uses this against Mabel frequently.

  • Shadow (full name "Shadow Penne Umbra")

Shadow is a black puffle and is very serious about his job as an agent for the PSA and EPF. He hardly ever wants to have fun and insists on finishing his missions.


  • All of them (except Mabel) are friends with the seven original Elite Puffles of the EPF, and they themselves have just finished their Elite Puffle training.
  • Secretly, Danny has a crush on Zippy.
  • Explorer's Puffles are credited for coming up with the idea for Puff Flags.


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