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The DD Exploration Crew
DillyDally's Crew image
Left to right: Penguidas, CPU9, Homero, Dalsworth, DillyDally
Vital statistics
Title The DD Exploration Crew
Gender Male, female, & robot
Race Penguins, albeit with advanced feet & brains
Faction CP Explorers
Health Full
Level High
Status Not famous
Location CP City

The Exploration Team (DillyDally, Penguidas, CPU9, Homero and Dalsworth) commonly explore unknown parts of Club Penguin, scout it out for natural beauty, and animals that might not ordinarily found. They also founded Club Penguin City on King George's Island.


The Exploration Team commonly explore unknown parts of Antarctica and the surrounding islands, scout it out for natural beauty, and animals that might not ordinarily found. They started in 1789 to investigate Gentoo Island, where Joshua Cream, then an explorer, discovered Cream Soda. In early 2000, they found(ed) Club Penguin City, which essentially showcased their findings.



  • CPU9- A penguin-shaped Robot that serves as a navigator and personal computer.
  • DillyDally- The leader of the team.
  • Penguidas- The mapmaker of the team.
  • Homero- A Zoologist that studies the animals the team comes across.
  • Dalsworth- A very good cook and interpreter. Knows seventy different languages.

Past members:

  • Joshua Cream- Discovered Cream Soda Team Member 1786-1791
  • David Deadstone- First mapped King George's Island and discovered bananas, the ammo for the Banana Blaster and a healthy snack. Team Member 1921-1941
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