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Experiment Labs
Experiment Labs image
An Unknown Lab until today
Experiment Labs map
Be Cautious: It has a lot of scary machinery in there!
Vital statistics
Type Laboratory
Level High
Location Deep Mountains
Inhabitants ???

Experiment Labs is a huge laboratory that is creating awful things. It is shipping off Fat, Nerd Sickness, and more powerful versions.

A strange creature name Lizlord is said to live here, and is extremely evil. There are two buildings, one that creates diseases and one that creates weapons in indestructible boxes labeled "Human War I weapons". Scientists have been trying to open these boxes since the day it the laboratory was found. The labs first discovered update was Friday, June 12th, 2009, saying that it is still updating all the time, hacking information to receive more to make their experiments better.


The origins of the laboratory is unknown. Its founder was is rumored to be Lizlord. Its history is completely unknown, and all information has been deleted as far as we can tell. No one knows how someone built it behind their backs, but some think it came from outer space (Why,I don't know)

Hacking a computer reveals this:

  • Reloading backup data...
  • Removing Virus A2161B
  • Destroying A123 SHARKING ripper
  • Rebooting oldest files, 1990...2009... complete
  • Computer and Hacking device destroyed

Soon afterwords the Hacking device explodes and the computer is unhackable after.




Here, [[Fat V2, Nerd Sickness V2, and Nat (Combination of Fat and Nerd Sickness combined) are being created here. Penguins normally come out with early states of Ban, Fat, or Nerd Sickness. The V2's have not been caught... yet. Though there is several hacked data bases, holding endless information on Club Penguin and the USA. The area on the map with the exclamation point is where most Lizlord sightings are. Again, be careful in Experimental Labs. There are two buildings, Processing Core A27 and Lab A60. There are secrets being discovered everyday, the newest ARMOR SUIT 123 which is heavily armored. It is unused so far.



  • Lizlord:

An unconfirmed creature prowling the halls and banning penguins. Lizlord is a huge penguin like structure that is horrifically powerful. Lizlord is the only known super-threat here.


There are few reasons to go here! There are missiles that will ban you if touched by one, and strange creatures that seemed to have strange mixtures of Fat and Nerd Sickness, but there is one good thing: The seemingly endless knowledge! There endless computers that inform on everything! Some also call it the data shrine due to the fact... The area is large and little penguins might complain because they get tired or hungry. Just be careful of the red area at the top, which holds a strange lizard like creature some call Lizlord. Strange name, but the encounters have proven to ban penguins.

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