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Evergreen State
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Evergreen map
The evergreen state map.
Vital statistics
Type Nothing State
Level 40
Location Central Nothing, Northern Midlands
Inhabitants Virtual Penguins

The Evergreen State is a barely inhabited woodland state. It consists mostly of trees, and the snow fields on the very south, near the border with the Capital State. It was created in April 2009.


The State has no settlements, currently it's inhabited by camping penguins, as the landscapes there are breathtaking. The state is not so warm, as in The State of Idoreconise is, but the temperature is reasonable.


Mostly camping penguins. You may find some scientists, as well, searching for strange creatures, rumoured to live, and exist there. No exact settlements are noticed, nor created there. The only name for a place is the Lonerase field. In the future, a city may be built here.

States of the Nothing