Club Penguin Fan Universe
TypeSearch engine
FoundedJanuary 9th, 2004
HeadquartersGoogolplex Skyscraper, sixteenth floor, Dorkugal
Area servedAll of Antarctica
Key peopleNine nerds and a dorky Jerk
IndustryInformation technology
I have found it!

Eureka!, also called Eureka, and, mistakingly, The Eureaka, is the most popular- and practically the only -search engine in Antarctica. Situated in Dorkugal, this search engine master is bigger than every one of its competitors combined, and is pretty much the standard, though other search engines do indeed eek out a sad existance.


Founded in 2004 in the kitchen of a small USA igloo by nine nerdy penguins and an outcast Jerk, the company was initially a fun project designed to collect links for convienent purposes. Not intended for widespread use, the creators simply developed programs to collect and organize their links. It was very simple, with a sorting feature and a search method.

One of the nerds noticed that such an idea could be extended to the world. That way, like them, the Masses could find what they wanted with a simple keyword or two. They named their project "Eureka!", meaning "I have found it", to explain the purpose of searching their links.

The infrastructure was expanded from the kitchen to the rest of the small igloo, and it began to archive random websites through a web crawler system.

Utilizing Sanity Penguin's CP Trainer, the nerds cloned themselves and used these temporary clones to archive websites into a directory and store them on their servers.

The idea proved successful when shown to other nerds, but laymen didn't understand the original Eureka system, because it looked like a command line interface. The nerds developed a simple graphical user interface where users entered keywords into a little box and pressed Enter. This was amazingly successful, as the noobs could just click a link in the directory.

They quickly saw the potential in this, and the ten penguins incorporated a company and began to make a lot of money. Eureka! as it is known today was born.


Eureka! quickly expanded to archive most every website on the Antarctican Internet. From dating to driving, crime to punishment, and every web page in between, all was put onto Eureka.

As the index expanded, so did the servers. The nerds moved their company to Dorkugal to use the infrastructure there. (This later benefited them because of Dorkugal's total lack of antitrust laws.)

Eureka became one of the most popular websites of all time and recieved hundreds of thousands, and later, millions, of hits and users. Still, the ten nerds have refused to expand their company beyond anything except searching.


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