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Etherium Amulet
Behold the power of the ancient amulet!
Vital statistics
Type Amulet
Effects All elements combined, including artificial amulets, regular amulets, etc.
Source Mining Cave in Gondor
Location Around Sheeta Nero's neck
Cost to buy 1,000,000 fish coins
Cost to sell 1,000,000 fish coins

The Etherium Amulet is an amulet currently owned by a penguin named Sheeta Nero, who inherited it from her grandmother.


It is a blue crystal with this crest on it. It is made of pure Etherium , a substance only mined in the mountains of Gondor. It has the ability to control and summon all elements, though not at the same time and only temporarily. Also, Etherium can use electromagnetism to overcome gravity, so if you were falling, it would come to your aid and float you down gently.


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