Club Penguin Fan Universe

I really need a place to talk to myself, but that's weird. So I have a Journal! NOT A DIARY!

Day 1 (Monday)[]

Today was pretty strange, Surray had swirly eyes like he was mind controlled doing whatever Kiysha said, very strange. Later I saw Robin getting bullied by Penelope, and Robin was crying. Strangely enough Penelope ran away from me like I was a nightmare. Later I saw Surray and Penelope picking on Kiysha. I guess they forgot she can become a fireball. I wont say what happened but they didn't get hurt, screamed their heads off yes, though. And Willie was screaming "Xary" over and over again, and had the same hairdue as him, Weird...... Today been so weird lately! Oh yeah, I also had a snowball fight with Kiysha I won easily, I was a little happy but I felt sad for her. Never made it stop snowing and Kiysha hid behind her snow fort, He whispered something to me, I AIN'T TELLING!

Day 2 (Wednesday)[]

Today was really awesome! Willie let us (Penelope, Robin, Terry, Surray, Kiysha, Emily, Fashion Police, and of course, ME!) go to the new water park! You wouldn't believe how awesome it was! Well, first of all, she also let penguins come. Boo. Like Corai, Herself, Xary, Treacherous Trio (Which not many came), Never, Again, and even Ever!!! So, I loved the food there. But I'm mad Mabel didn't come! I went on a ride with everyone, which there was a sofa with seating for two, these are the pairs everyone went in: Never, Again; Ever, Emily; Me, Kiysha; Willie, Xary; Penelope, Surray; Eva, Elizabeth; ect! It was just too awesome, though it was a little cold. The annoying thing was Never kept coming over and saying: "Come on Come on!" Which is really annoying, trust me. Well anyway, Bye!

Day 3 (Friday)[]

I saw Mabel with Explorer. I think he was whacking her, so I bit Explorer a little too hard, AND THEN I ALMOST GOT WHACKED WITH A SHOVEL! I accidentally almost said, well I said most of it, then caught it. I said stop whacking MY GIRLFRIE--! Sigh. So I got whacked then.