Club Penguin Fan Universe
Etana Conflict
Date March 2009
Location Etana
Result A new state, New North Etana was created on an archipelago further away from Weddell's territories.
Casus belli Freezeland and Weddell did not agree with the formation of Etana.
Creation of New North Etana
Weddell's army Freezeland's army. Etana's citizens.
Domi Navila Chief Triskelle None (Etana has no army)
Around 500... 10,000 + 500
None None A penguin accidentally cut his flipper when he was holding a banner.
The conflict was solved peacefully, without any battles.

The Etana Conflict was caused by the Doble Islands, located in Etana, which is the north-eastern part of Weddell. Etana wanted to become a separate state, but Weddell did not agree, since that would take away a large chunk of its territory. Freezeland did not agree either, as it would have felt invaded by the new state.


Doble Islands decided to reunite after a large conflict, which lasted for 25 years between Cinta and Docca. They were reunited by a bond. This was the bridge. Also, the former capital of Cinta - Grenanda was also established on the seashore on Docca, to become the capital of Doble Islands. As they were reunited, they wanted to become the strongest in Weddell, to beat it, so they started buildning a secret army. Unfortunately no penguin wanted to join the project as a soldier, so it was aborted. It was decided to try forming a new country - Etana without fighting with Weddell.

The conflict[]

It is the 23rd of March, 2009. Doble Islands, or just Etana signs a document, which proclamates its independence from Weddell. A copy of it was sent to the ruler of Weddell. He was totally shocked, and absolutely didn't agree. But Etana was already being formed. Etana would probably become a state, if Chief Triskelle didn't find out, what's going on a bit west from his kingdom - Freezeland. When he saw Etana independent, he immeadiately sent a message to governor of Weddell, saying:


When Weddell governor found out about it, he immeadiately sent his forces to Doble Islands to stop forming Etana. Citizens started to make them go away, not by fights, but by banners and protests. As Etana wasn't calmed down, Freezeland decided to attack Etana. Fortunately the reply from the governor of Weddell came to Chief Triskelle before the army reached eastern coasts of Docca. They were told to come back and stand by. The conflict remaind unsolved, until The Leader told everybody to calm down. His explorers found islands north from Happyface State, that could be inhabited. All penguins sick of Weddell left Doble Islands, leaving the other half on Doble Islands.


The pengins spread around these islands, forming Wentley on the biggest island, named Charles Island. Also, penguins established Kanapa City, and later New West City, which became the leading city. A new country was going to be formed. The whole day of 27th of March, 2009 was really tiring for the South Pole City, as they debatted all the day should they form it. The main protagonists of this were Chief Triskelle (he wanted to solve the conflict once for all), and Kwiksilver, who dind't want Etana to try to become independent again. Finally, the country, called New North Etana was formed, with the capital in New West City. Oh and The Leader was pardoned by the South Pole Council for his crimes against the USA.