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Ernie's Plan is a plan to takeover USA and other countries surrounding it by Ernie, which rivals both Darktan and the others at their game. They also bombed several areas underwater.

This plan also describes the things he must do. Wowwe.


  1. Go to Trans-Antarctica and conquer Pengu Town.
  2. Steal goods from shopping center.
  3. Go and shower
  4. Take puffle out for walk
  1. Go to Pengolia and drop loads of heavy candy onto the palace rooftop.
  2. Run Penghis Khan out of the castle.
  3. Destroy the The Royal Pengolian Jewels of Extreme Shinyness
  4. Eat Penghis Khan's hat
  5. Eat Penghis Khan's mullet.
  1. Go take the Antarctic Express to East Bank Town.
  2. Go take bus to Inland.
  3. Censored.
  • Eastshield successfully taken over! All lands now belong to me!
  1. Go to EFF
  2. Launch Strikes.
  3. Eat Penghis Khan's other hat and destroy Link.


  • How could he take a bus to Inland during February? It's not open!
  • This failed epically.

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