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Ernie written a funny piece of language unknown to Darktan. It was written partially in Jacko dialect and some made-up words. As the PSA investigates the situation, it was spinned off number of times on the internet of Antarctica and has gone into hits. Ernie never revealed the words to public. There was only one answer, but not confirmed as of now.

Written Language[]

The only known sentence was:

Kos' tadot zee muluhastes, dalinatehs.

Received from the Library of WHAT?!?. Remember that Ernie never revealed the defination of the sentence to the public.

From the Jacko dialects it is confirmed that "zee" means "the". "Kos' tadot" has been found in the book, Auos Mini Ember. Here are the lines which proves this

"Kos' tadot zee mua!", Wayne replied as he waddled towards the door and entered in a smooth position. He later told the door, which is not alive "Hmph. Bad place". As the others do not understand the funny language of his', Jason (not from the the band, but from the book)" It meant "You idiot"-- Page 32, Auos Mini Ember written by Kara Ember herself.

Thus, "Kos' Tadot" meant You idiot. So it must mean so far "You idiot the ....". However, it can't fit carefully. His strange language's grammar may exclude some punctuation, therefore the sentence should be "You Idiot". However, we need to find out what does "muluhastes" and "dalinatehs" mean.

"Muluhastes" must mean "country will never be overtaken!". The reason? With the rest of his message, the predicted should be this. More proof? Well... it needs to be broken up into two seperate pieces, whereby one goes to the Muluhastes and the other to the Dalnatehs. Muluhaste thereby must mean "country will". Hastes is confirmed to be meant as the word "country" after a description in an earlier, never revealed message sent to an agent: "Zee' Hastes will be mine! COUNTRY WILL BE MINE!". Also, "Mulu" is a four-letter word, and mainly have no other word that could fit with it. "Mulu" must mean a grammar word, e.g. "Will, would, could".

"Dalinatehs" must be the remaining "never be overtaken". "Dalin" means "never" and "Natehs" mean "overtaken". "Dalin" comes from another strange language script, mainly that based of this:

Kuas Natehs? You Overtaken? Seriously, this script can destroy you!
— Unknown Script

Dalin should be that. Since nothing else could fit in... why not that? Thus... it came about.

The sentence: You Idiot!!! The country (USA) will never be overtaken! (Kos' Tadot zee' muluhastes, dalinatehs)

Clearer: You Idiot! You think you yourself could take up USA? Well never! I will do so... and you will be a fatty... k?


  • The script was used by Alex12345a in a book, known as "Nonsense Topics--Languages" in Chapter 14, page 56.
  • The most popular spin-off is this: OMG (Kos' Tadot)! It's the (zee) Fatties (muluhastes) from Sealville! (dalinatehs)

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