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Erasmus Christopher Kwiksilver
Erasmus Christopher Kwiksilver image
That's him with the original bracelet and beanie.
Vital statistics
Title Grandpa Kwiksilver
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Good
Health Getting older...
Level 44
Status Retired
Location Retirement Home

Erasmus Christopher Kwiksilver is Clicksilver's father and Kwiksilver's grandfather. He fought against the Naughtzee when he was really young and was imprisoned in a Concentrate Camp. Erasmus escaped, but was sent home because of a flipper injury (He sprained it).


Erasmus spent his childhood reading and inventing new things. At 17, he enlisted to help fight the Naughtzee. He was imprisoned in an old, smelly Concentrate Camp. There he met an old ninja, who gave him a red beanie and a friendship bracelet. Erasmus escaped one dark night on a pair of ice skates. He skated three days and three nights over the frozen sea back to his home without food. Erasmus wanted to re-enlist, but due to a sprained flipper, he wasn't allowed to. He met a nice girl called Betty Clifford, got married and had a child, Jonathan Erasmus Kwiksilver, otherwise known as Clicksilver. He retired, and now resides in the Snowflake Valley Retirement Home.


Grandpa Kwik spends his retirement playing chess and telling stories to the young chicks. After his retirement, he made another beanie and bracelet which he planned to give to Clicksilver. Clicksilver resented wearing the beanie but wore the bracelet, so the beanie eventually went to Kwiksilver. Grandpa was upset at the disappearance of Clicksilver. Kwiksilver still visits him every weekend.


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