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English is one of the main languages spoken in the Antarctic. It is divided into two parts, Free Republic English, which is obviously spoke in the USA's Free Republics and other countries, and USA English, which is spoke in Dorkugal and the USA states.


English first became popular during the High Penguin Confederacy, and it became more popular later. It eventually evolved from Old English to Olde English, which is just a fancier, older, version of modern English. During Colonial Antarctica, modern English was started with what it now Free Republic English. But after the USA formed, they didn't want to keep their old culture because it remianed them of the bad times of Colonial Antarctica, so they changed it to USA English. Most other places kept Free Republic English.

Places in Use[]

English is now the main language of both places, with it being Freezeland's first along with Penguinian, and the USA's spoken language, and the USA l33t as the written. It is the main language in most Free Republics, with other languages too. UnitedTerra also use English in some parts of the land.


There are many different accents and slang wherever you go. The two types primarily spoken are Free Republic English and USA English.