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Emperorlands Airlines
Vital statistics
Name Emperorlands Airlines
Native name
IATA code {{{iata}}}
ICAO code {{{icao}}}
Callsign EMPEROR
Founded Janurary 1, 2010
Commenced operations Janurary 5, 2010
Ceased operations
Hubs Capital Emperor City International Airport
Secondary hubs
Focus cities South Pole City International Airport
Frequent flyer program LotsaFly Points
Airline lounge FlyLounge
Airline alliance No affiliation
Fleet 20
Destinations 22
Company slogan Let's fly!
Parent company Emperorlands Air Co.
Headquarters 340 Jacob Street, Capital Emperor City

Emperorlands Airlines is the flag carrier of Emperorlands, aand has one main hub at Capital Emperor City International Airport and a focus city at South Pole City International Airport.


Emperorlands Airlines was started as the government's VIP charter program, started a few days after the independence of the country. The charter soon grew into a small domestic airline. The airline officially commenced commercial operations on Janurary, 2010, and commenced a hub operation at Capital Emperor City International Airport, and has eight destinations at first. A while later, the airline ordered more fleet to serve more destinations. Then, the airline opened a focus city at South Pole City International Airport.


They currently have:

Aircraft Passengers Destinations In Service
Snowing 747-400ER 345 International long-haul 11
Snowing 777-300ER 235 International long haul 10
Airhail A320-200 128 Domestic/International short-medium haul 19


Gold Class[]

This is the First Class equivalent of Emperorlands Airlines. The seats are made of fabric, and can recline to 180°. It is only available on international flights and longer domestic routes. There are also PTVs provided by TonyAntarctica. There are over 19 television and 11 radio channels. Audio is provided by XM Satellite Radio. Passengers also recieve free five course meals as well as free beverages, snacks and other amenities. Passengers also have access to pre-flight snacks, special check-in, priority boarding and access to the FlyLounge located at select destinations.

Silver Class[]

Silver Class is the Business Class equivelant of the airline. The class features seats made from fabric, and that can recline to 150 degrees as well. The seats feature flat screen TVs provided by TonyAntarctica. There are over 12 television channels available. Free, complementary three course meals as well as free snacks, drinks and other amenities also. Passengers in this class also have free hotel and inter-city shuttles, and access to the FlyLounge.

Bronze Class[]

Bronze Class is the economy class equivalent of the airline and is available on all flights, both domestic and international. The class features seats made from cotton and polyester, and that can recline to 120 degrees also. There are also PTVs provided by TonyAntarctica, and offer more than 15 television channels. Passengers also receive free two-course meals, but three-course meals are also available for purchase in-flight. Passengers also receive free beverages, snacks and other amenities as well. Passengers may also access the FlyLounge, for a small fee, pre-paid at a check-in desk at select destinations.


Their aircraft livery is a eurowhite livery, and has a main color of gold, with a bronze cheatline running through the passenger windows, underneath the Emperorlands Airlines text on each aircraft. Two aircraft, however where painted in another livery, a jelly bean livery, in which the aircraft, two Snowing 747-400s, were colored with red, gold and green, and are a special independence commemorative livery.

LotsaFly Points[]

LotsaFly Points is the frequent flyer program offered by Emperorlands Airlines.


Clients recieve points by either shopping at participating stores, such as GoodyMart and McDoodle's.The airline has over 20 particpating stores and food chains.Clients recieve points also by flying regulary with one of the airline's codeshare partners, Air Antarctic and Club Penguin AirFlights and also with the airline itself.


All clients recieve a credit card, with their name and membership number as well. Passengers present the card to cashiers at participating stores during purchasing, present the card at an Emperorlands Airline boarding gate for priority boarding and other services on board. Clients also recieve discounts at many stores, on airfare and many bonus points once every year, normally around the Christmas season.

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