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Elva Shop
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Elva Shop is an imaginary shop inside Bobtropica. It sells perfume and made an appearance in Mission 8. Somehow, it also keeps some fartbombs.


The shop is founded in 2009 for Mission 8. It is destroyed during the mission and also when Explorer wrecked the house with his shovel.

Known Items In the Shop[]

These are bombs which detonates fart, or in other words, a stinkbomb. It is used for emergencies, mainly fashion raids.

  • Bombs of Bombs

A powerful bomb inside the shop, unknown of orgin.

  • Alair Perfumes

Alair is a brand of perfumes inside the store. It is the perfume which stops the fart in Mission 8.

  • Cherished Perfumes

Cherish is another brand of perfumes. This one broke during the destruction of the bombs of bombs.

  • Tatar-Elva Perfumes

The shop also produces it's own perfumes, along with another store, Tatar Perfumes. These could be seen at the left-most side.

  • A dog

Now, dogs are not common in Antarctica. This one happens to be standing in front of a table.

  • Jewelerry

These jewels are placed on the tables in the middle.

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