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Elterbrast is a seaside city in The Antarctic Peninsula, home of the Viking Penguins.


Elterbrast was firt occupied in the Land of The Peninsulan Slav'ens. The Viking Penguins who had lived here also produced many other items besides fish in order to trade. It is a mainly peaceful village, and is home to hearty Viking Feasts and Celebrations. This is the Capital (for the region) of the Viking Penguins, where there are many other viking villages along the coast.


All these resources are trade goods of the city.

  • Fish - The main Resource
  • Timber - Used to make Thier Ships and houses
  • Metals and Stones - Mined From nearby desposits; used to make jewelry and other things
  • Wool And Cloth - Makes clothes
  • Pottery - least common resource; usually is very elegant.

Well Known Buildings[]

  • The Longhouse - The main meeting place of the city; where special events take place
  • The Norse Barracks - A Fortress that is home to the Viking Warriors of the City
  • Elterbrast Private Airport - A private Airport that has about 30 flights every day. It a hub for airplanes that need gasoline.

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