Club Penguin Fan Universe
Elite Penguin Force
Elite Penguin Force image
Mysterious isn't it
Vital statistics
Type Snowtendo DS Game
Effects None
Source Snowtendo
Location Game Stores
Cost to buy 700
Cost to sell 670

Elite Penguin Force are a number of strange objects that washed up on the shore of Club Penguin in a large crate. No one knows who made it or where it came from but it seems to operate on the Snowtendo DS system.


As said above, these strange objects washed ashore on Club Penguin. They were distributed throughout the USA, and the labels were changed to match the logo of Snowtendo. Suprisingly it has many famous characters that live in Antarctica such a G.


The game is very similar to missions of the PSA. You are promoted to the role of a EPF agent, and have to go on various missions, both major and minor. The main mission though is finding G who mysteriously disapeared. You must also stop various rampaging robots and in the end one giant robot.

Mini Games[]

Various Mini games are also included in this game. They are the following.

  • Jet Pack
  • Fishing
  • Snow Trekker
  • Snowboarding
  • Dancing
  • Cart Surfer

There is also a special multiplayer mode that allows you to play with other players throughout Antarctica.


  • Link loves this game. He plays it during the commercials of Ford Car and Link.
  • It is unknown if the events of this game ever took place, because the PSA usually keeps things secret.
  • Despite not making it, Snowtendo sells this game. It has made quite abit of money.

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