Club Penguin Fan Universe
E A.K.A Edward
Edward the artist
Vital statistics
Title Baby Penguin
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Great!
Level level 2
Status level 3 artist
Location Club Penguin
Occupation Baby Artist
Friends G's Family
Enemies Herbert P. Bear
Archetype Great!

Edward Spellowsky Or Just Edward(or E) is one of the newest and youngest penguins in G's family. He finally hatched after about a month of waiting.


Edward was laid on September 11th, 2010, and hatched October 11th, 2010. He might have to wear a special kind of glasses invented by Gary called Vision 3000 when he's older.


This is what Edward might look like in a few years.


Not much is known yet. He's a toddler though he is showing signs of creativity. This may lead to him being an artist. His 2'nd birthday is on October 11th 2012. He was given back to G on May 11th 2011. He is now back with his family. He is now 1 year and seven months old. He draws in wiggly lines and some straight lines. He is now able to draw a head with a smile and eyes.


Gary Gs Family






  • Many predict that the new penguin would follow in G's footsteps. Others predict he would take on a new branch of science, like quantum physics or Ichthyology.
  • It was recently revealed that like the rest of G's Family, Edward has poor eyesight and must wear glasses. A special family pair will be made for him when he gets older. It would be known as the "Seeing Spectacles".
  • He won't receive a lab coat for a good while. Gs tradition mentions that he will get one after he learns to talk. That shouldn't be long, since G's Family are all geniuses.
  • It was recently discovered that Edward can speak perfectly good English.
  • P found out that Edward does not want to become a scientist.
  • Flywish thinks he is an awesome penguin.
  • Despite not wanting to be a scientist, his family still loves him.
  • He has been seen painting a lot. This has led P to think he wants to be an artist.

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