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Ed Island
Flag of 350px
MottoSit Back and Relax
Anthem"I Love the Whole World"
Royal anthem"21 Guns"
Location of 350px
(and largest city)
Tech City
Official languages English, L33t written
Species  Penguins, Puffles, a few other species as well.
Government Partial Monarchy
 -  King EDFan12345
Peacefulness The multiple times this island has tried for Antarctic Peace 
 -  Treaty with the USA 1980 
 -  Great Darktonian Pie War 2008 
 -  Peace Act drafted and signed by a few nations 2008 
 -  Island 32.1 km.2 km2 
20 mi.2 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 30%
 -  1998 estimate 97,302 
 -  2009 census 132,738 
 -  Density approx. 4,135/km2 
approx. 6,637/sq mi
Currency Stars (Most other currencies can be traded at Currency Exchange Buildings.) (*)
Does not observe Daylight Savings Time
Drives on the Right
Calling code 829

Ed Island is EDFan12345's Island. It is part of the Sub-Antarctic Islands. HOWEVER, it is its own Free Republic, too.


The island was found by EDFan12340, EDFan12345's great-great-great grandfather. He once traveled with Clockhopper and they found a tropical island not too far from Club Penguin. EDFan wished to stay and colonize the island. Many years later, after the discovery of the Life Sphere, the island was sought after by many countries. Then, the island was seized and became part of Colonial Antarctica, and after formation of the USA, they fought for their freedom.



The island speaks English, and writes in l33t.


Ed Island uses their own currency called Stars (Represented by *)

National Anthem[]


Part 2


Royal Anthem[]



Ed Island

A highly detailed map of the island. NOTE: Not drawn to scale.

  • Surf Hut
  • Hotel
  • Cream Soda Factory
  • Seekrit Ninja Cave (supposed to be misspelled Director Benny!)
  • Mt.GoUpandFallOff
  • Lake Center
  • Lighthouse
  • Palm Beach
    Palm Beach

    Palm Beach

  • Underwater maximum security prison.
  • King's Palace
  • Tech City
  • Prank Road
    Trio Ed Island Prank

    Prank Road



  • EDFan became King in 2006.
  • Sodahopper is not allowed ANYWHERE near the Cream Soda Factory for obvious reasons.
  • Everyone on the island is required to sing the anthem. That means YOU, Mabel!
  • The anthem, "I Love the Whole World, symbolizes this island's Goal of Antarctic Peace.
  • Prank Road was made by the Troublesome Trio. They scribbled out (not very well) some of the yellow lines with black paint, made a "conveniently located turn-off", and spray-painted part of the grass yellow. This road is now blocked off to cars and is now a tourist destination.
  • Most of the buildings on Ed Island run on solar energy and recycled energy.

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