Club Penguin Fan Universe

Bob James "Easyman78" Teals
Cloud City 3, Air Kingdom
Other namesCode Red
Years active1998 - Present
Home townUnkwown, but underground
Known forStealing many objects.

Bob James "Easyman78" Teals is the brother of KingH10, but they both deny it. He is an Emperor Penguin living in Emperorlands. He is infamous for being a criminal.


His early childhood is unkwown, but it is kwown that he was born on Cloud City 3 in 1985.

He was caught stealing Ditto and selling it in his school library when he was 13. He was expelled. He was then homeschooled by his mother alongside KingH10, who was too scared to go to school. Every lunch break, he went out and stole his lunch.

When he was 17, he was arrested, but broke out of prison a few days later.

He kept stealing things, then built an underground mansion 7 years later in Emperorlands.


  • His last name is an anagram of steal.