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The Eastshield Shuttle is a special non stop service to multiple cities in Eastshield. It covers the cities not covered by the South Eastshield Crossing. All services leave from Grand Pole Station. The service is owned by Antrak. Most trains are high speed but short distance services use slower trains and mid distance uses intercity services.


The Eastshield Shuttle offers multiple services between South Pole City and major cities. Here are the stops.

Possible Merge =[]

Antrak recently began exploring integrating this into the Trainlady Mini, if they bought it out. That way, it would extend it service into the Happyface State. If this merge would happen, Trainlady Mini trains would be scrapped and replaced with the Eastshield Shuttle's high speed, electrical short distance and intercity trains. Also, if the proposed North Eastshield Crossing is built, then the Eastshield Shuttle will even begin running a service to Frostborough, in Freezeland. Another proposal is to merge this into Antrak Regional services. However this is unlikely and either Antrak will buy out Trainlady Mini and integrate the service or will stay the same.

Grand Pole Station-Glassyglow Pole[]

  • Grand Pole Station
  • Glassyglow Pole

Grand Pole Station-Penguvile Port Station[]

  • Grand Pole Station
  • Snowville Metropolitan Station

Grand Pole Station-Snellville South[]

  • Grand Pole Station
  • Snellville South

Grand Pole Station-Polaris[]

  • Grand Pole Station
  • Campeldown Station (Polaris)

Grand Pole Station-Rhodesia (Gemini)[]

  • Grand Pole Station
  • Rhodesia Station (Gemini)