Club Penguin Fan Universe

Hyper Mole
Earthquake driller gear
The Driller when in possession of Herbert.
Vital statistics
Type Giant Drill
Effects Drilling
Source Originally Herbert.
Location In possession of G.
Cost to buy No buy, no sell.
Cost to sell No sell, no buy.

The Earthquake Driller, rechristened the Hyper Mole, is a giant drilling machine created by Herbert and Klutzy. After Herbert and Klutzy abandoned it, Kwiksilver fixed it up and used it to get to the Great Darktonian Pie War. Kwiksilver sold it to G and it is stored near his house.


Part of the history of the Earthquake Driller is written at the Clubb Phengin Weekee on this whiteboard.

The Earthquake Driller was removed from the tunnels under Club Penguin and was stored in Billybob's backyard. Eventually, it was sold to a scrap dealer, and it rusted away for about a year. Later, Kwiksilver and Sprocket, fresh out of training at Diamond Falls, needed a vehicle to get to the Pie War quickly. They bought it from the scrap dealer, repaired it and set off. Herbert had left a map of the CP tunnels in the machine and they followed it to PBJT Valley.

For the Festival of Flight '09, G asked Kwiksilver for it to dig holes around CP. Kwiksilver happily gave it to him, as he had no need of it. It now sits in a warehouse near G's home.


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