Earthing is one of the most famous Club Penguin cheats blogger and an army legend.Unlike other famous penguins,Earthing has been caught many times for corruption and has been involved in many defense scandals.

About Earthing

Earthing is a brave and respected leader of s/m army community responsible for leading various armies like Celts and Earthing Warriors to big sizes of 30+ and leading them to victory in many battles including the legendary battle of North Pole.Often regarded as a fearless warrior king,Earthing has supported dictatorial government and strongly rejected the idea of democracy.

Account of Earthing

Earthings joined the military of Doritos[DCP]at the age of 9,although Earthing was recruited by Ice Warriors his first army was the DCP.He joined the DCP for captain and served in it for a few months.Eventually Earthing started to gather a vast army of AUSIA troops[Belonging to Asia and Australia]on North Pole.On 11th May 2013 he created his first army name the Exrate army[Later the Earthing Warriors].The Exrate army grew enormous in size and by the end of 2013 Exrate army was one of the strongest s/m army.Later getting accused for a military scandal of corruption Earthing got removed from the Exrate army and it eventually died.Earthing later brought back the Purple Republic for a short time and then suddenly vanished.After a few months Earthing returned with a gigantic army named the Celts.The Celts claimed attention when they defeated one of the s/m army named Flame Bandits at the legendary battle of North Pole.The Celts finally invaded all the servers from the Flame Bandits and the FBA was forced to surrender.Soon the whole s/m army world was feared by the power of the Celts and Earthing.Earthing commanded the Celts to seize various servers including Deep Snow,Alaska and more from famous armies like the LGA[Lime Green Army] and the Nachos.Through-out Earthing's rule the Celts remained undefeated.But on 1st August 2014 Earthing was overthrown and Celts adopted democracy.