Club Penguin Fan Universe
Vital statistics
Type Ditto Nuke
Effects complete paralyzation and, in rare cases, submissiveness (i.e. "Yes, Master") to anyone, even your worst enemy,causes hyperactivity, amnesia, insanity, and overall weirdness,causes knowledge overflow and geekiness. Think of it as maximum overload
Source Leopord Seals
Location Rests in a hidden nuclear silo HunEmpire
Cost to buy Unbuyable
Cost to sell Unbuyable

The EXPECTSEALS Ditto Nuke is a highly advanced ditto packed nuke of complete pwnsomness.

Created by the Leopard Seals with the funding of Ben Hun and help from his top weopon makers, the Nuke contains every kind of ditto known to penguin, and several other types only know to whales.


Its not very large but when hiting the ground a large ditto wave spreads for miles around how ever the farther it goes out the effects lessen every mile.It was first created when Ben Hun needed a weopon to help match some of the tech of Flywish in their war but soon became a well used military weopon of the entire HunEmpire.

Although it is titled a nuke it does not contain enough power to wipe out near enough area as a true nuke.


  • It is only obtainable if you work for the HunEmpire or are a leopard seal.
  • Ben Hun still cant figure out what happened to all those workers of his that went into the lunch room on coffee breaks with the leopard seals.
  • Several are angry at Ben Hun for working with seals which he responded saying "Dah! What the heck! Why should I care? we are all penguins on the inside right? Anyway ya better watcha back now flywish!!!".

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