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Plane Turbine
An EIAF-729 AC taking off....wait, is that a Snoss insignia on the back of the Plane???
Vital statistics
Full name
Role Aerial Bombardment
National origin Ed Island
Manufacturer Various sources
First flight June 13, 2009
Introduced 2009
Status Operational
Primary users Ed Island Air Force
Number built 5
Program cost about 4,000,000 pebbles
Unit cost 500,000 pebbles
Developed from Commercial Jets
Developed into None

The EIAF-729 AC is the Artillery Carrier of the Ed Island Air Force. It is strange, because instead of the Body being the passenger bay, it is, in fact, a large Deletion Laser connected to an engine.


  • Crew: 8
    • 2 Pilots
    • 1 Scanner
    • 2 Air-to-Air Snowball Gunners
    • 3 Weapons Officers


  • 1 Large Deletion Laser
  • 4 Deletion Missiles (2 Air-to-Air, 2 Air-to-Ground)
  • Snowball Machine Guns
  • 10 Ditto Bombs (5 on each wing)


  • There are only 5 of it's kind.
    • One has been converted (weapon systems taken off) into a passenger plane.
  • One has the Snowzerland Insignia on it, and the RDA is going to confiscate it sooner or later, adding tension between Snowzerland and Ed Island.
  • The FAAA has banned the aircraft from flying due to safety concerns.

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