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Dr. Frank

Dr. Frankenfurter Hochstadt is a really evil scientist and Swiss Ninja's Great Grandfather.


Dr. Frank was the son of Hung, one of The Five Senseis, and was supposed to inherit the title of Sensei. However, he didn't because his father knew that he wasn't fit for the job. Not only that, Dr. Frank also had an interest in Science. He persued his life of Science by attending Many schools, academies, and universities. After finishing his studies, He became a chemist and bought a laboratory in Shiverpool. He did many wacky expiraments, but one of them scarred him for life. That expirament accidentally turned the poor scientist evil, and from then on, the evil Dr. Frank just continued to do more and more wacky and evil expiraments. Many of them were attempts to create stationary objects like Sleds, Cacti, and toys to life.

Marriage and Children[]

Dr. Frank knew a girl penguin who he knew since preschool. They met again 20 years later, and fell in love with each other. They got married, and planned for having Children. Unfortunately, that one expirament that turned Dr. Frank evil changed that. Ever since, Dr. Frank was mistreated his wife. Sometimes, he even used her as a test dummy for expiraments.... Then, she laid an egg. She knew that Dr. Frank should not know of this, so she threw the egg into the river. Luckily, the egg survived, hatching a penguin named Yilk, and later laid another egg that hatched Dave Hochstadt.


Dr. Frankfurter Died by falling off a cliff doing an expirament.

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