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Doughnut Island
Doughnut Island image
Location of Doughnut Island
Doughnut Island map
Map of Doughnut Island
Vital statistics
Type Uninhabited Island
Level 30
Location Sub-Antarctic Islands
Inhabitants None.

Doughnut Island is a small, stranded island further north-west from Club Penguin. Geographically, it is placed in the USA state - Sub-Antarctic, even if it is further north, than the whole archipelago. It was founded by an anonymus penguin, who really loved doughnuts. It has just a few places, and it is uninhabited at all. Actually not many things are known about it, except that, that it exists. Even the fact, that it is uninhabited is unconfirmed. Some groups of explorers were sent to it, to estimate its' conditions to live for penguins, and predict colonisation.


The island doesn't have its' actual history. It isn't known, how it was created, when it was created, and why it isn't freezing coldthere, because it is closer to Antarctica, then Warmslates, and Clearwater Island. It was founded in cerca 2001, but it was quickly forgotten.


The island has just three different places. The Beach, which surrounds nearly whole island, except the south-eastern area, where are small cliffs. They "cut off" a small portion pof the forest - next place on Doughnut Island. It is surrounded by the beach, and it surrounds the lake - the place, where the actual middle of the island is placed. The lake - also called Sprinkle Lake is a really big mystery. It is not known, why it is in the middle of this island.


There are no confirmed inhabitants on the island.


Perhaps some fruit, and plants, also very common in green areas, like New North Etana.

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