Club Penguin Fan Universe

Doug is Chipper's brother. His is a good hearted green puffle with a eyepatch.


Doug and Chipper were born to unknown parents in 1970. After a few weeks, Doug and Chipper left to live pn their own. Doug would sit in the small cave that he and Chipper had found and make drawings on the walls, while Chipper would leave him and he would prank the townspepole. Doug would dream that someday he would be known for his kindness. The next day, he woke up, got his things and rocks he painted on with juice from O-Berries, and he set off, looking for a home. He traveled days and nights. One day, he arrived at the Dojo, where he stayed and became freinds with Blizzard. Weeks after, he left and he and Blizzard kept in touch. He continued to travel, when he saw a small underground and abandoned home in UnitedTerra, he knew he had found a home. He currently still lives there. But one day, he was walking around, and a random penguin kicked his eye. So, he got a eyepatch and that is how he still lives today.



  • He wants to be freinds with Darktan for some reason.