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Dot, a.k.a Agent D or full code name Dot The Disguise Gal, she is the EPF agent whom is in charge of being their master of disguise, or in other words, helps with anything that needs penguins with disguises. She is similar to Agent LJM of the normal PSA. She is polite, kind and is friends with Coool31. She is currently 30 years of age.


Dot was born in the Southern Rockhopper Colony despite being a Northern Kanta Penguin. One day, at the local school, a Jerk wants to beat her up at noon. She has to disguise herself so no one could see her. She later switched her blue T-Shirt with a red one, wore a wig (which is so, so crazy) which is yellow unlike her usual hairstyle which is blonde. She also wore Dorkugese glasses, a checkered skirt and blue sandals to replace her blue skirt and red slippers.

When she passed by the bully, the bully asked her:

"Have you seen Dot?"

"No, I did not."

"Well... have you seen anything that belongs to Dot?"

"Not at all!"

"Who are you, anyway?"

"I am Jenny. I transferred from the Penguin Academy"

"Oh. See you around."

When class started, she switched to her current outfit. Thankfully the bully wasn't in the same class! The next day, the bully came to look around for Dot. However, Dot complained to the teacher and the bully was scolded. That was the start of her career.

Later, Zang met her and instantly liked her, Dot knows and is rather "creeped out" by it. And annoyed by his "always yelling and always mad" trait.


She is the master of disguise for the EPF agent.

Personal Life[]


  • If you are wondering what happened to the bully the next day... he transferred schools.
  • her EPF partner is agent Coool31
  • her EPF codename is agent D

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