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The Dorkugese (Callidus apparatus, Latin for "clever with machinery") are a seperate subspecies of geek penguins who mainly reside in Dorkugal. They are famous for their high-tech technology, beating EmotiVille at its own game.


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  • Almost every Dorkugese penguin is an extremely pale-white color, from lack of real sunlight. The few Dorkugese that are a different color are also extremely pale.
  • For unknown reasons, all but one of the Dorkugese wear medieval style robes, reminiscent of the fourteenth-century Europe. This is extreme oxymoron, since it's an absolute clash of the high-tech lifestyle the nerds live.
    • A recent study suggests that robes may have been chosen as an adaptation from the Jerks... because you can't give a wedgie to someone without pants.
  • Almost every Dorkugese penguin wears some form of eyewear, because the lack of sunlight took a toll on the species' eyesight. Like most stereotypical nerds, the Dorkugese also wear ties and pocket-protectors. Many of them also tape their glasses, considering they get broken... a lot.


  • A type of bullies named the Jerks are their enemy. So as the Fords, but Ford Car is not counted.
  • Few Dorkugese ever exit their home.



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