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Dorkugese Jungle
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The Dorkugese Jungle
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Vital statistics
Type Thick Glitch Forest
Level 011110010000101011111101110011
Location Southeastern Dorkugal
Inhabitants Foccis, StormWorms, lost helpless nerds, hackers.

The Dorkugese Jungle is the electronic equivalent of the deepest, darkest parts of Africa. In this jungle, there is no sky! The entire forest crashed, and a Blue Screen of Death now serves as a sky replacement. Parents of little Dorkugese nerds tell tales of the wiped hard drives and of the I-Love-U-flu viruses that lurk there.


The area is a massive, hideous land of shattered copper, trees of silicon, and the worst Wi-Fi on the earth. Broken telephone and DSL cables lay awaste, and the land is scattered with caverns of solid silicon.

How was it created? Once, it was a great Dorkugese city, the site of a secondcity. The Dorkugese had forced the focci away, and built a city. Their plan was to start with a traditional skyline, but slowly merge the buildings into a second Wooden Skyscraper, like that of Pi Island.

However, one day there was a small earthquake. It shattered a generator and toppled a giant building. It fell over, crushing more generators and sending silicon flying everywhere, asn the networks and systems flew apart.


The geeks started shrieking and fleeing as skyscraper after skyscraper fell. Then, a volcano blew up about two years later, and the ash settled over the silicon, dispersing it more widely, and erasing traces of civilization. The Focci quickly moved back in with glee and settled there. The only thing left in the now jungle was a small village. Now, that is deserted too.


There are rumors that a secret cavern house a 1950s-esque mainframe... but no one believes it. Clans of focci roam the area, and are generally unfriendly.

There are also several ghost villages, which are avoided.



There is one map that was made in the ancient times that is small, in a mueseum, and outdated by 10 years. No settlements are in the Dorkuguese jungle anymore, and the Chomp Flower population doubled.


A penguin named James of the Jungle. Other then that, few friendly folk live out in this silicon wasteland. However, rumors say that a single good focci lives somewhere deep in the glitched realm.

Chomp Flowers roam the area, Stormworms slide about, Hackers make huts, and random codes of Binary float by. This place is generally avoided.


Hackers, Foccis, StormWorms, Chomp Flowers, and even spam roam wild here.


Nothing but misery. Broken Silicon, smashed copper, and water. That's about it.

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