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Doors 7
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Screenshot of Doors 7 Ultimate's most common screen. Click to enlarge
Micro Hard and Soft
WebsiteOfficial website
Release dateRTM: December 7, 2009
Retail: January 12, 2010 (info)
Current version6.1 (September 1, 2009) (info)
Preview version-7 (February 9, 2009) (info)
Source modelClosed source / Shared source
Kernel typeHybrid
Support status
Mainstream support
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Doors 7 is a new operating system made by the makers of Doors 2008. While it has just been released, Doors 2008 has still taken the lead of the Padtop and the Pad-desk industry in computers. It's minimum requirements are 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of free hard disk space and a 3 GHz processor, preferably dual core.


Doors 7 was designed in secret so that Penguin OS could not copy it.


  • High quality graphics - perfect for gaming and development
  • Fast booting speed and program speed - Great for office work and web browsing
  • Internet SpeedBooster - browse with style and no more pausing on PengTube videos!
  • Arrow theme - fast, simple and good-looking, Arrow theme is the number 1 PC theme out there.
  • Old Doors mode - Old programs don't work? Try our Old Doors mode to get them running again.
  • FlipperScreen support - Many new computers use FlipperScreens, and now Doors 7 supports it. Just tap the screen and off you go!


  • Doors 7 supports up to 192GBs of RAM in the 64bit version, even though no personal computer exists with that much RAM.
  • There is a version made for CEOs of Dorkugal, Doors CEO.
  • It is a parody of Windows 7.
  • It's kernel number is 6.1 even though it is called Doors 7.

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