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Dooley image
World's Most Bizarre Inventor
Vital statistics
Title "Mad" Inventor, Sales-penguin.
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction His "inventions" have never hurt anyone at any time. They have a safety feature.
Health Great!
Level 3
Status In G's basement.
Location Club Penguin

Dooley, also known as "D", is the so-called "mad" inventor in G's Family. Although a very kind penguin, his style of dress and overall appearance make him look very frightening to other penguins. He earned the "mad" title because of his insane inventions that resemble torture devices (though they are not). His 6th birthday is on May 29th 2011.

He is considered a "child prodigy" among many scholars.


Dooley is in the middle of G's family age, though he is younger then G. No one really understands his invention methods, but his products have never hurt any customer who dares to buy them.

G says his items make great "novelty gifts".



Dooley showing his "fruit slicer"... that's what he calls it.

D states that his products may seem "scary", but they all have a built in safety feature.

He even demonstrated the accuracy in a Penguin State University assembly by inserting his own flipper underneath his fruit slicer and pulled the cord. Nothing happened. He then put a watermelon with his flipper on under it into his machine, and still nothing. He then inserted a penguin-shaped cookie, pulled the cord, and the cookie was sliced in half. He inserted a picture of a penguin, but nothing happened. As final proof, he lowered himself (much to the fright of the audience) onto the cutting board of his fruit slicer, pulled the cord, and nothing happened.


  • F, B, and Z all think that Dooley should be a show performer.
  • D has many other inventions, and all have the built in safety feature.
  • He sells the most products on Halloween.
  • The Sapie Brothers are terrified of D, calling his "fruit slicer" a "guillotine", ect.. Everyone laughs at them for this.
  • Tails6000 thinks D's inventions are realistic. He is a big fan and makes miniature versions of them....

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