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Doodle Dabble
Doodle Dabble image
Doodle dabble is the son of the director
Vital statistics
Title Doodle Dabble
Gender Male
Race Penuin
Health Health
Status Status
Location Freezeland at the moment on his vacation
Interests Puffles and Toys
Friends Rookie, Waddle
Enemies Nightmare
Archetype Good

Doodle Dabble is the son of the director of the PSA. He is a fun little kid who is very special and spoiled.


This little kid named Doodle Dabble is the second most famous kid on Club Penguin next to Rookie. He is the son of Director and he is very funny and adorable. He gets whatever he wants because his father has a bunch of money from his job as the PSA/EPF director. Penguins used to see him a lot around CP in 2007 and 2008, but now he doesn't go out as much because of the photographers. (Camera flashers hurt his eyes.) He only goes out every once in a while, usually in disguise. If he does go out he usually heads to the Dance Lounge to play video games. His favorite pop star is Meaghan and he has all her CDS. His favorite DJ is Beetle, and sometimes he listens to music with Rookie.


Doodle Dabble is deeply scared of Nightmare. He sometimes thinks that it will swoop through the window and eat his head off. When he dreams this stuff is happening. He screams in his sleep and his father rushes downstairs to com him down. He does that at least 3 times a week and his father is thinking about having him see a therapist.

Secrets and Items[]

Doodle Dabble has a T-shirt that says "I Am Happy" from Fall Fair, and he tends to carry candy or a toy around.


He has many toys, but his favorite is a model of the Migrator that transforms into a boat-robot that moves with the use of a remote control. Gary and Rockhopper teamed up the create this. and it was their best idea.


Doodle has a blue puffle named Waddle that he loves and cares for. When Doodle Dabble sticks out his tongue his puffle does it too and he thinks it's really cute. Before Waddle he had a green puffle named "Jitterbug" that ran away, because when he was adopted Doodle forgot to feed him and give him baths.