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The Dojo
Sensei and his bonsai tree.
Dojo Interior
The Dojo's Interior
Vital statistics
Type Ninja Location
Level Ninja!
Location Club Penguin Island
Inhabitants Ninjas, Sensei and Ninjas In Training

Dojo is the training area for Ninjas and planned-to-be Ninjas. It is known that Pen Chi has built the area and Sensei is managing it. Also, the confirmed fact that True Sensei also lives there, and Sensei Wraith could sometimes be wandering around.


See also: In the early High Penguin Confederacy, before CP was even discovered, Ninjas trained in the open air of the Dojo Courtyard. There were no buildings at all, not even a Ninja Hideout. Sometimes, Card-Jitsu matches were called off because of blizzards and valuable training time was lost. Eventually, The Three Masters decided a building was needed. They constructed it and it stood for many years.

After the Ninjas went into hiding, the Dojo stood empty. The Dojo Courtyard was covered with snow. Some explorers from Club Penguin found the Dojo and added it as a secret place on the map. The Dojo became a quiet place where penguins could "get away for a while" and occasionally hold snowball fights.

However, during the Great CP Storm of '08, the Dojo had been severely damaged, and it's true purpose had been revealed during the Dig Out the Dojo Project, which uncovered the Dojo Courtyard. Ninjas and planned-to-be ninjas flooded the area. The Dojo continues to be a place of learning today.


The Dojo is like an ordinary "Japanese" house, in a so-called "Tatami" room. Inside, is four blue-coloured training mats placed in the middle for training. Also, Sensei could be visible from the top-right corner and many penguins would usually crowd him. If you go up the snow hill nearby, you'll find the spacious Japanese-style house of Psyche and her parents.

Before Card-Jitsu[]

Before the game was released in November, it used to be a plain tatami house with just some plants. However, there were shadows and sighthings of the legendary ninjas back-then.



Old Inhabitats[]

  • Pen Chi, whom moved to the unknown land of "Japan".

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