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Ditto Grenade
Ditto Grenade image
A Ditto Grenade
Vital statistics
Type Grenade
Effects Release Ditto Gas
Cost to buy 500
Cost to sell 500

A Ditto Grenade is a grenade that, when explodes, releases Ditto Gas.


The Ditto Grenade is a grenade, that when explodes, releases lots of Ditto Gas. It is very useful. Unlike Ditto Gas, one hasn't got to put on a breathing mask before using it, since if the user throws it far away, the gas won't reach the user, unless the user throws it 20 feet or less from him/herself, since Ditto Gas can reach 20 feet. If its that way, the user must put on a breathing mask.


  • Roger Lopez loves these grenades.
  • They are simply normal grenades, but they release Ditto Gas.

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