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Ditto Gas is Ditto in vapor mode. When released, any Penguin who inhales it will be affected by the type of Ditto Gas they inhaled. They can also be used in Ditto Grenades.


Ditto Gas is evaporated Ditto. The vapor has the same color as the Ditto that has been evaporated. It is much, much more useful than the Ditto chemical, Ditto Snowballs or a Ditto Tank, since it spreads all around the zone it has been released. It is useful when being attacked by many enemies. Before using Ditto Gas, one must put on a breathing mask, or the user will be also affected by the gas. Ditto Gas can also be used in Ditto Grenades, grenades that, when explode, will release Ditto Gas. When using a Ditto Grenade, you don't need a breathing mask, unless you throw it 20 feet from you, which you will need one.


  • Its evaporated Ditto.
  • Roger Lopez loves Ditto Grenades.

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