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Disambiguation Penguin
Disambiguation Penguin image
Disambiguation Penguin's so called "logo"
Vital statistics
Title Disambig, manor.
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Disambiguation
Health Fine
Status Alive
Location South Pole City

Daniel "Marvin" Suacuasism (21 December 1999-), who is also known as Disambiguation Penguin, Disambigging, Disambiguationer or just Disambig is a very strange penguin who thinks that disambiguation is a doomsday device which will lead users to another article, causing the other sore misery and pain (he thinks that?). He also thinks that it is used to go to articles and if they choose the wrong one, they go straight to the Disambiguation Dustbin.


Disambiguation Penguin has a long and detailed history. It all began on the birth where he was born in the local hospital at South Pole City. He was with his parents and his older brother Wasit. He was then taken out of the hospital and into the streets. Along the way, he heard the word of vicious articles. This is where he thought about the Disambiguation Dustbin, the scary dustbin he thinks of over the years.

At the age of six, he went online to search the web on a sunny day, like he usually does. He then went onto the Wikipedia, and then typed the words "Doung". It comes to a disambiguation page of choosing to go to either one article. The first one was Doung Lee. The second was Doung Scary! He then pressed the second article, and it said "HA! YU CLICK ON THE ARTICLE TO GO FOR FART!". The article was found spam and the user (actually I.P. Adress) was blocked by the wiki with an expiry time of infinite. He then found the other article all with only one penguin which viewed it. He then joined the three scary items together to form his worst nightmare.

At the age of seven, he was known to be as "Disambiguation Penguin" by the Jerks, then the Fords, and then many other penguins. He liked the name however. At the age of 8, he then hosted a protest saying "NO DISAMBIGUATION" and that made other penguins stop him. Currently, he is mad.


He, like Penguin Micro, is a penguin who thinks madly of the Disambiguation pages and other items which relate, except for the Fourth Wall where he knew of it. He is also the hater of the Jerks, Fords and the dispiclble Str00del Force. He is also known to not like Diana111 as he thinks she acts fancy, and Matthews, whom he thinks is a sore scary cat.


  • Disambiguation Penguin has one puffle, named Anti-Disambig
  • No one knows why his middle name is "Marvin".
  • He is totally insane like Penguin Micro.

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