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Ding Dong
The cover for the single version of the song.
Single by Meaghan
from the album Camouflage
Released April 25, 2010
Format Digital download
Recorded 2009
Genre Pop
Length 3:20
Label Music Industry, Childpengu1 Records
Writer(s) Meaghan, Childpengu1
Producer Childpengu1
Certification Triple Platinum
Album track listing
"Flipper Zone"
"My luck: Reloaded"

Ding Dong is a single from Telahphonian DJ, singer and dancer Meaghan. The song will be released as a single internationally in April 25, 2010. First, It was planned that it would be released in May 1, but it was moved early because of inquiries of Meaghan's label.


Meaghan stated that the inspiration behind "Ding Dong" is a dream, she dreamed she was in her house having a party, and then her mother was knocking the door and similar things for entering the house.

Website design[]

Meaghan said she is going to redecorate her website ( for the release of Ding Dong as a single. She is going to decorate it with glitter designs, however, it didn't happened as the website was redecorated for promotion of her now-cancelled album "Evolution".


This song references DJ Crow, Cadence, UnitedTerra, icePhone, Mabel, Dauroes, Chitter, Meaghan's mom and dad, Captain Str00del, Hat Pop, Homsolo, TurtleShroom (penguin), Tel Ah Phon (Referred to as "telephone") and Childpengu1.

Chart Places[]

In the Tel Ah Phon "Hot 50" it peaked at #1, followed by other song from Meaghan: Silence. In UnitedTerra charts it peaked #3. In Club Penguin charts it peaked #2 and previously it was #8.


The song can be listened here, but another artist covered it with different lyrics.

Wake up in the morning
Feeling like BlueBarry.
Where's my bracelets?
I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city
Before I leave, make a cheet with my IcePhone, oh yeah
Cuz when I leave on the ice I ain't coming back

I'm talking permafrost in the floor floor
UnitedTerra I'm going home home!
Cadence is now more close close

Oh yeah shes playing with some chicks
Going to the parties
Try to get a little fancy

Don't stop make it pop
DJ Crow is having fun
Tonight I'm all right
And we are not gonna fight

Ding Dong...
It's our guests!
The party wont stop oh no
Oh oh oh no
Oh oh oh no

Don't stop make it rock
DJ Crow spin it up
Tonight its all right
Well stop till the sun is back

Knock knock
In the door
Are'nt you waiting outside oh no
Oh oh oh oh
No no no no

I got a ticket for a tour
But got lots of hobbies
And got no dauroes in my pocket
And I wanna stop being here

And now penguins are lining up
Cuz they heard I was visiting
Oh no I'm gonna be in problems
Cuz I need to tell my father

I'm talkin bout..

Everybody getting in front front
Mabel is only junk junk
Yu can spank her if she get too dumb dumb

Nah nah we got to see Hat Pop
And I wanna invite Homsolo
Party in my USA house! house! Party in my USA house

Don't stop DJ Crow
Lets invite Str00dles inside
Tonight we will dance til' we're losing our sight

Lol lol, Uh oh.
Glasses will come out and I'll be blind oh
uh oh uh oh uh oh
uh oh uh oh uh oh

Oh yeah, oh yeah
Everyone are waiting more
We will come out
And dance all night

Bad Wolf
Is a song
I won't have to hear it naw naw
nah nah nah nah naw
nah nah nah naw no!

(yay yay)

You built it up
You make it mine
I'm gonna tour
And you're happy

TS will come
Mabel is not
That's good cuz no one likes her

(oh yeah)

You built it up
In telephone
Your name is
Not very usual

With my flippers oh
I'm gonna spin
I'm gonna sing

But the party won't stop
if someone's a chick

Knock knock
My mom
Is still waiting at the door
Tonight I'll let her
Enter the biggest party, right

My mom
And my dad
Will make us sleep when we dance.
oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh oh

Don't stop! Keep it on!
DJ Crow make the biggest sound
Tonight everyone
Is gonna party till next night

Uh Oh
It's Sunlight
the party will stop oh no
no no no no no oh
oh oh oh oh oh no!


  • Rocket Slug: My favorite song! It's at the top of my playlist!
  • Agent Meltie: This stuff is stuck in my head! My sister enjoys it, though...
  • Phineas34720: I really don't have an opinion formed on Meaghan. She's okay, but a little overrated.
  • CupcakeSlam: UGH! I can't even do my evil deeds without this junk getting stuck in my head! It makes good torture music, however!
  • Rocket Slug X: I agree with CS and Rocket Slug's goofy brother. Meagh's overrated, but it's got a good backbeat!
  • Mcdonalds394: Nice working with the song Meaghan. I will bring you into the McDonalds music experience and do this song first!